The scene for Muay Thai is very large worldwide and there are many strong fighters. But there are always fighters who stand out positively. You need many fights, years of experience, good coaching methods and other virtues. However, the fighters who really have Muay Thai in their hearts are rare. That means people who not only fly to Thailand once in a lifetime and get a few cheap t-shirts during a short tourist training camp. That means fighters who devote their whole life to thaiboxing – also to the country of Thailand. (Tip: listen to the podcast where Sean tells how you can earn money as a US citizen in Thailand, e.g. via the Internet)

Commitment, courage and a strong mindset are the recipes for success of the „Muay Thai guy“ Sean ( The American Sean Fagan is a professional Thaiboxer, trainer and mastermind of a coaching program and combines all the qualities you need to be successful. Furthermore, his own clothing brand belongs to his empire: Also his podcast is really cool:

Sean also shows his heart and supports organizations in Thailand such as the „Happy tails sanctuary koh samui„, a sanctuary for animals. (

So if you are interested in high quality Muay Thai content, follow Sean on the various social media channels and support him. (

It was important for us to briefly introduce him because he’s a really great cool guy. ADDICTED TO MUAY THAI – that clearly describes it perfect.